Our Story

Hi There!
Welcome to  Lumiscense.

Lumiscense, an artisanal fragrance boutique first opened in 2017 under the brand name Angel Craftz. Throughout this time, we are very grateful for the many supporters who love our candles and keeps returning to support our small business. In 2021, we decided that it was time for a rebrand and an updated packaging and thus Lumiscense was born.

WHY THE NAME LUMISCENSE (pronounced as Lumi - Sense)

The name Lumiscense comes from the combination of the words Lumi (meaning light), scent and sense. Our brand mantra is creating luxury scents that lights and brings joy to the senses.


Every product we make is meticulously crafted by hand and poured in our studio office in Singapore. Great care is taken during each batch making process from measuring the temperatures, the blending of the fragrances, right down to weighing each product as we hand pour them to ensure consistency & quality. 

We have spend a lot of time researching and making sure that the ingredients we use are clean, pure and safe as we feel that quality and safety are aspects we will not compromise on. And we proud to say that all our products do not contain any harmful parabens, phthalates or paraffin.

Our soy wax comes from the US and is FDA approved whilst our diffuser base is used in European Ecolabel formulations and has passed the US EPA's DfE screen and has been listed in CleanGredients, a list of safer ingredients, in the U.S since 2009.

Our fragrance oils (blended with essential oils) are a premium grade that are specially imported from Australia. These oils adheres to the RIFM and IFRA standards for safety and purity. The use of cotton (lead-free) wicks and natural reed sticks further ensures a clean use each time. 

With these, our customers are able to enjoy our home fraagrances with peace of mind. 


Let your individuality shine!

XOXO... Audrey.